Federal Budget Community Career Road Map:

Technical Core Competencies, Key Behaviors, Proficiencies, and Knowledge            

The Budget Career Road Map was developed by the Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business in concert with budget professionals, human capital experts from agencies and OPM, and the BFELoB Human Capital working group. It provides information on six major ‘competencies’ in the budget field, as well as delving into ‘proficiencies’ and ‘key behaviors’ at different stages of a budget professional’s career. The budget professional will not only identify potential competency gaps and gather ideas on how to address those, but also be able to chart a course for their career, using this ‘road map’ as a guide.

Available for Download from the Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business.

Budget Formulation and Execution Line of Business (BFELoB) Enclave
The BFELoB has created an enclave devoted to all users of the MAX Federal Community, providing any user with access to select budget professional-related materials. You will need a MAX Community ID to access these materials. This section is open to executive, congressional, and some contract employees. See here for more information on applying for a MAX ID.  The Formulation, Execution and Appropriations Law modules are self-paced, multi-media courses which you can take as often as you like.

Budget Formulation Training Modules - includes modules on Strategic Planning; Bureau Budget Request and Justification; Department Budget Submission and Justification; OMB Budget Process; The President's Budget; Congressional Appropriations; and the Budget Staff's Role in the Congressional Appropriations Process.

Budget Execution Training Modules - includes modules on Making Appropriations; Making Appropriations Available; Commitments, Obligations, and Outlays; Operating (Financial) Plan and Transfers; Operating Plan Adjustments and Reprogramming; Cancellations and Rescissions; and Year-End Closeout and Reporting Activity.

Appropriations Law
- includes modules on Appropriations Law; Types of Budget Authority and Classification of Appropriations; and Availability of Appropriations.

Budgeting Capability Self-Assessment Tool
- The BC SAT was developed to be a self-assessment tool to help Federal budget organizations examine their own operations and consider ways to improve those operations.  It was designed to help Budget Managers assess their current strengths and weaknesses, gain an understanding of potential best practices, do needed strategic planning for organizational improvement and assist in developing budget justifications to support needed investments.

To learn more about these tools, contact the BFELoB at

Monthly Panel Discussions and TeleTrainings for The Executive Branch    
Executive branch staff with a MAX Federal Community user ID can participate in free monthly training events.  This site is restricted by MAX ID and you will not be able to access the materials without authorization. If you do not have a MAX user ID yet, apply for it at

Exploring Basic Budget Processes  
This series of facilitated panel discussions is built around the basic budget processes described in the Budget Execution and Budget Formulation training modules. Each panel consists of experienced budget experts with broad and deep budget experience, and every month covers a different phase of the budget process.  Updates can be found on the "Exploring Basic Budget Processes" MAX page.

Budget Brownbags: Conversations with Budget Experts

This series of conversations with experienced budget staff explores the budget technical competencies spelled out in the Budget Career Road Map; each conversation focuses on one competency and what the guest budget expert did and learned to become a true budget expert.  Updates and more information can be found on the "Budget Brownbags” MAX page.