AABPA presents the James L. Blum Award to individuals who have distinguished records of accomplishment in public budgeting, are respected leaders in the budgetary community, have significantly advanced the state of knowledge in the field, and by personal example, have set exceptionally high standards of achievement, professionalism, and ethics for all public servants. 

Host: Stan Collender

This year, AABPA honored Stan Collender, Qorvis' National Director of Financial Communications.
Collender has extensive experience in financial and public affairs communications. During his more than three decades in communications, he has designed and implemented award-winning communications efforts for financial companies, Wall Street firms, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, and federal agencies. Prior to joining Qorvis, Collender was the general manager of the Washington office of Financial Dynamics Business Communications, national director of public affairs for Fleishman Hillard, and a senior vice president at Burson-Marsteller. He also served as the director of federal budget policy for two major international accounting firms Price Waterhouse and Touche Ross and as president of the Budget Research Group, a private Washington-based consulting organization.

Collender also has extensive experience on Capitol Hill and is considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on the U.S. budget and congressional budget process.  He is one of only a handful of people who has worked for the House and Senate Budget Committees, and he has worked for three U.S. representatives on the House Budget and Ways and Means Committees.

Collender is one of the leading experts on federal fiscal and monetary policies, Congress, and Wall Street’s response to Washington tax and spending policies.

He writes the popular weekly column, “Fiscal Fitness,” in Roll Call, the influential Capitol Hill newspaper. He previously wrote “Budget Battles,” which was published weekly by nationaljournal.com for more than 10 years. He is also the founder and principal writer of “Capital Gains and Games,” which the Wall Street Journal has called one of the top 25 economic and financial blogs in the U.S.  Additionally, Collender is the author of "The Guide to the Federal Budget", one of the most assigned texts on the subject, and an annual endeavor of about 200 pages from 1983 to 2000.

Collender speaks to more than 100 organizations across the United States each year. He appears frequently on radio and television news programs, and is often quoted by major newspapers and magazines.  He also consults frequently with Wall Street firms on federal fiscal policy and politics.  He has an extensive presence on YouTube, Bloomberg, Twitter, podcasts, and more.

Collender holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and psychology from New York University and a master’s degree in public policy (MPP) from the University of California, Berkeley.

In the early years of Stan’s professional career, he was active with AABPA, helping coordinate events and even lending design expertise to create the AABPA logo.  Since then, Stan has been a speaker at AABPA many times, sharing his famous multi-media presentations developed for top-dollar clients, and sometimes we have been his test-audience for new presentations.  Even with his rise to fame and fortune, Stan has always made time for AABPA events.  Many of us got our start in federal budgeting, learning from Stan at AABPA events and reading his annual guide to the federal budget.  Stan showed us that budgeting is the biggest game in town, that learning about budgeting could be a lot of fun, and that it is always entertaining.



2012 Stan Collender, Qorvis' National Director of Financial Communications

2010  Susan Irving, Government Accountability Office    

2008  Edward Brigham, Transportation

2007  Christine Bonham, Government Accountability Office       

2006  Phyllis Scheinberg, Transportation

2005  Paul Posner, Government Accountability Office     

2003  Robert Sunshine, Congressional Budget Office

2002  Bill Hoagland, Senate Budget Committee

2001  Dennis Williams, Department of Health and Human Services

2000  Dick Emery, Office of Management and Budget

1999  James L. Blum, Congressional Budget Office

Prior to 1999, the award was called the AABPA DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD RECIPIENTS

1998  Gail Del Balzo, Congressional Budget Office

  Barry Anderson, Jefferson Solutions (former Assistant Director for Budget Review, Office of Management and Budget)

1997  Harold Seidman, John Hopkins University

         Emerson Markham, National Academy of Public Administration

1996  Bill Early, Genera Service Administration

         George Strauss, Public Financial Publications President

         Irene Rubin, Editor of Public Budgeting and Finance

1995  Congressman Charles Stenholm

         Marvin Phaup, Congressional Budget Office

         Nick Stoer, Federal Aviation Administration

1994  Robert Reischauer, Congressional Budget Office

1993  Herb Persil, Department of Housing and Urban Development

         Bob Sherman, Department of Agriculture

         Charles Schulze, Brookings Institute

         Keith Mainland, House Appropriations Committee

1992  Alice Rivlin, Brookings Institute

         G. William Hoagland, Senate Budget Committee

         Robert Greenstein, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

1991  Van Doorn Ooms, Committee for Economic Development

         Naomi Caiden, Editor of Public Budgeting and Finance

         Steve Dewhurst, Department of Agriculture

1990  The Honorable Leon E. Panetta, House Budget Committee                                                

         Aaron Wildavsky, Author

         The Honorable Bill Frenzel, House of Representatives

         The Honorable Charles A. Bowsher, General Accounting Office

1989  Dave Mathiasen, Office of Management and Budget

         Carol Cox, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

1988  James L. Blum, Congressional Budget Office

1987  George Strauss, Office of Management and Budget

         Sid Brown, Senate Budget Committee

1986  Harry Havens, General Accounting Office

         The Honorable Rudolph Penner, Congressional Budget Office

1985  Dr. Jesse Burkehead, Public Budgeting and Finance

1984  Senator Pete Domenici

         Carey Modlin, Jr., Office of Management and Budget

         Lawrence Seale, Santa Clara County, California

1983  The Honorable Richard Bolling, U.S. Congress

         Al Kliman, Department of Housing and Urban Development

         John Quetsch, Department of Defense

1982  The Honorable Robert Giaimo, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

         Alair Townsend, Office of Management and Budget;

         Dr. Louis Fisher, Library of Congress

1981  Naomi Caiden, Public Budgeting and Finance

         Bruce Meredith, U.S. Congress                                                                                            

         Raymond Long, Department of State

1980  Dr. Joseph Wholey, Department of Health and Human Services

1979  Dale McOmber

         Carolyn Bruce, Information Consultants, Inc.

1978  John D. Young, Department of Energy

1977  Dr. Allen Schick, The Urban Institute