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 Join AABPA for any of a dozen reasons.  Join us to meet your peers, grow your network, and stay informed.  Add your voice to our message that thorough and professional analysis is critical for government decisions.   

Your reasons may change over the course of your career. 

  • Our younger members are often building their resume and making contacts.  Joining AABPA shows you are serious about your career in budget and program analysis and provides many chances to meet a diverse group of professionals.  Also if you'd like to get involved, AABPA is a great place to hone your leadership skills.  AABPA operates without staff and as members we enjoy the challenges of making things happen.  Our long-time members have organized AABPA activities many times in the past and know the ropes.  There's always support.  
  • Experienced analysts and managers join AABPA for the discussions of key issues and to provide leadership.  As board members, officers, and committee chairs mid-career members bring special skills to AABPA’s mission.  If you have home or work commitments that prevent you from getting involved right now, join us for symposium and offer the benefit of your training and experience in discussions.
  • AABPA members who are retired from full-time public service have served under multiple administrations and know the challenges and rewards of public service.  They’ve built not only careers but relationships throughout government and are ready to contribute.  If you are retired, membership provides the opportunity to stay current with changes in the profession and interact with professionals at all stages of their career. 

If you’d like to get involved, we are an all-volunteer organization.  Our activities are member-driven and we'd love to talk with you about your interests.  Just email us at [email protected] and we'll set up a time. 

Wherever you're located, there are many options: 

  • You may want to help us reach out to students in public administration through our Kubat Award and our Speakers Bureau.
  • Maybe you want to help us develop our webinar series so we can better connect with analysts and academics in different regions. 
  • You may want to help us keep our website current or support our social media outreach.  We have 3600+ members on LinkedIn.  
  • If you're in the Washington DC area, you may want to help with our symposium held twice a year or you may want to organize after-work social events where you can meet analysts from other agencies or set up a brown bag lunch to discuss particular questions. 
  • You may be interested in an appointment to our Executive Board for a year to see how it works and later run for election for the board or one of our five Vice President positions
  • If you’re interested in research, you may want to find out about serving as one of AABPA’s five representatives on the Board of Directors of Public Financial Publications, Inc., publishers of AABPA's journal Public Budgeting and Finance

AABPA is a great place to learn and lead because we’re an independent, all-volunteer organizations and all our programs are managed and implemented by members. Stepping up to the challenges is the best possible way to grow your skills and hone your abilities. 

Members also receive discounts on the symposium and a subscription to the Public Budgeting and Finance – the premiere journal for scholars, practitioners and students of public budgeting. 

To join, select Regular, Student, or Institutional membership after clicking on this link.

  • Regular individual memberships are $45.
  • Institutional memberships are $150.  
    • Your office can become an institutional member and send up to five people to the symposium at the membership rate.  
    • Your office will receive one subscription to Public Budgeting and Finance, AABPA's quarterly journal.
  • Student memberships are $15.
    • AABPA is committed to grooming the next generation of leaders in the profession.
    • Student members vote and can hold office in AABPA and get involved in many ways. 
    • The annual graduate student research paper competition highlights studies in the field and awards winners up to $1,000 prize!

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