AABPA Members Participate at BFELoB 2014 Fall Forum
On November 4, 2014, several AABPA Members participate at the Budget Formulation Execution Line of Business (BFELoB) Fall Forum at the Department of Education. Over 220 attendees from 40 agencies participated in the Forum. AABPA Members participated in a variety of panels throughout the day, including:

Careers in Budget: A Tale in Knowledge and Growth - Carl Moratvitz and Shelly McAllister

Advances in Aligning Performance Data and Budget Information: Moving Beyond Simple Metric Tracking and Position Management - Malena Brookshire (Powerpoint slides available by clicking here.)

The Art of Unsticking - ways to move your career forward - Jon Stehle

Knowledge: Your Key to Working Smarter, not Harder, in a Budget Office - Shelly McAllister

For more information on the BFELoB Forum, please see the MAX Community (https://max.omb.gov/community)
AABPA Speakers at BFELoB Forum
The panelists seated are (left to right)
Christopher Johns, Director for the Office of Budget at Department of Energy and Chair of the Budget Officer's Advisory Council (BOAC)
Melissa Flottman, Financial Manager at National Park Service
Ryan Smith, Analyst in the Office of Budget at the Department of Commerce