AABPA Speakers Bureau guidelines

The AABPA Speakers Bureau connects audiences with speakers who can knowledgeably discuss public and nonprofit sector budgeting and policy analysis as well as the day-to-day work of professionals in budgeting and policy analysis.  In addition, speakers introduce and promote AABPA and its educational and professional goals to their audiences.

These guidelines will help members of the Bureau prepare their presentations.  These guidelines also will help prospective speakers understand AABPA’s objectives for the Bureau and decide whether they wish to participate.  AABPA greatly appreciates speaker’s contributions toward the achievement of our goals and in expanding AABPA’s outreach.



  1. Speakers and prospective speakers should fully acquaint themselves with the goals and objectives of the AABPA Speakers Bureau. By volunteering to participate in the Bureau, a speaker agrees to provide education and training in public sector budgeting and policy analysis; promote the professions of budgeting and policy analysis in the public sector; and introduce audiences to AABPA.
  2. Bureau members agree to be non-partisan in their presentations.  Bureau members further agree to indicate that the opinions they express about budgeting and policy analysis subjects are solely their own and are not necessarily those of AABPA.
  3. Bureau members are responsible for obtaining appropriate clearance from their employers, as needed, to make their appearances or to promote AABPA.  If these guidelines conflict with the policies of your employer, contact the Bureau coordinator to determine if adjustments can be made to allow participation in the Bureau.
  4. It is highly encouraged that Bureau members join AABPA if they are not already members, but it is not required.
  5. If you have questions about the Speakers Bureau, please contact the coordinator.  The coordinator can answer questions about the Bureau and the expectations for speakers.  The coordinator will also provide a Bureau membership agreement if you decide to participate.
  6. If you volunteer to participate, provide the Bureau coordinator as soon as possible the information you wish to post about your experience and the subjects about which you are qualified to speak.  Please alert the coordinator whenever you revise your personal information or its format.
  7. Speakers may post a traditional resume, a vita, a work summary, a narrative, or other information for potential audiences to review. Based on feedback AABPA has received to date from potential audiences, it is important that your personal information clearly describe the breadth of your experience and the professional roles in which you have served, as well as the subjects to which you are prepared to speak.
  8. Audiences also like to know about speakers’ presentation styles and the settings in which they are more comfortable speaking.
  9. Speakers are responsible for determining the subjects to which they are most qualified to speak.  AABPA encourages speakers to address subjects about which they have direct and detailed knowledge, broad experience, formal training, and/or personal involvement.  There is no minimum experience time required.  A speaker’s ability to address a given subject is a combination of training and quality and length of experience.  Speakers and prospective speakers are encouraged to discuss their potential subjects with the coordinator, if there is any uncertainty about a specific subject.  Bureau members are not expected to be experts on every aspect of public budgeting, policy analysis, and the professions that perform these roles.  Speakers should address subjects which will provide knowledge and training to budget and policy professionals of all levels of experience and promote the advancement of those professions.
  10. Formal presentations (e.g., PowerPoint slides) should include a page about AABPA and how audiences may contact or otherwise connect with AABPA.  The coordinator will assist speakers with this.
  11. A speaker should direct audiences to the Bureau coordinator and/or other speakers whenever the requested subject matter is outside of his or her personal expertise or when the speaker is unavailable on the date requested by the potential audience. The coordinator will attempt to connect the potential audience with another speaker.
  12. Please acquaint yourself with the Bureau flyer about AABPA and its objectives and programs.  The flyer will be available to the audiences you address, and you are expected to be able to answer questions about AABPA.
  13. Please give the Bureau coordinator feedback after every speaking appearance, so that a record can be built of the bureau’s accomplishments.  The Bureau coordinator is responsible to the AABPA board for the work of the Bureau.  The coordinator also will report on the work of the bureau to the AABPA membership at large.  Speakers should acquaint themselves with the feedback questionnaire.
  14. Audiences addressed by the Speakers Bureau will also have the opportunity to provide feedback.
  15. Speakers may receive reimbursement for actual expenses in making presentations. 

Please email any questions, thoughts or concerns to Ed Brigham, AABPA Speakers Bureau Director, at [email protected]